Hey guys!

My name is Hailey Hodge, I am the owner of Luna Boutique and curator of the Lookboxes. I went to Drexel University for Design and Merchandising and decided to come home to my small town in Upstate NY to start my business. My passion is helping women feel 100% about their individual sense of style combined with what works best for their lifestyle. My goal at Luna was never to make everyone cookie cutter, but to allow women to explore different styles and have fun with their wardrobe. I have experience dressing women ages 10-100. I understand the needs of a young professional as well as a retiree. Luna has been open for 4 years and many amazing customers have moved away over the years. I figured besides personal shopping , a subscription box would be the perfect way for those customers to still enjoy the styling services they received in store. Who doesn’t like a surprise?! I plan to work individually with each Lookbox subscriber to send their current necessities with each box. No more random stylists picking out “styled for you” clothes from a warehouse in who knows where. I am here for you, in a real store, in a very real small town.